Australian Defence Magazine (ADM) is dedicated to reporting the business of defence capability acquisition and infrastructure procurement plus sustainment across the defence domains of land, sea, air and cyber space. The magazine, its website and its associated digital publications provide an essential communications bridge between defence industry and its single source customer, the Department of Defence.

ADM reports on the budgetary process, the policy development, the capability planning and the procurement projects which, taken together, provide the equipment and resources for Australia's defence force. We also provide coverage of our close neighbour, New Zealand, with regular reporting of New Zealand defence business activities.

ADM aims to provide knowledgeable coverage of policy, project updates and analysis of defence acquisition strategy that is timely and thought provoking. While the Defence Capability Plan has given the defence realm a timetable and outline of projects to come, there are always changes and updates to be examined by independent sources.

A highly experienced team of correspondents throughout Australia and New Zealand offer reports and insights into the projects and decisionmaking at every step.

The next published issue will be the December 2015 magazine.

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