When does my subscription start?

Your subscription will commence with the next available issue. This will obviously depend on the frequency of the magazine, eg monthly magazine it should be the next month after payment is received, a bi-monthly magazine may take 2 months before the first issue is received.

Can we get back issues?

Back issues can be supplied if we have them in stock

Can we combine offers - eg receive a discount and get a free gift?

Special offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other advertised subscription offer, unless a separate application and payment is made.

Does money come out automatically when my subscription lapses?

We will never deduct money automatically. Resubscribing is totally up to you. Your subscription will be renewed when payment is made.

How will I know when my subscription will expire?

We will send you approximately 3 reminders before your subscription expires.

I haven't received my issue. What can I do about it?

By calling our toll free number 1800 807 760 (Australian callers) or +612 9281 2333 (International callers) we can replace the issue if it is available. Please note that you will need to advise us a month after publication date if you haven't received it.

Can I get a gift subscription?

To give a subscription as a gift simply tick the box in the 'gift' column when you place the subscription and you will be asked to provide additional details for the gift recipient. When you pay for a gift subscription, the gift recipient will receive a card from Yaffa Publishing to announce your present to them.

How can I pay for my subscription?

For existing subscribers we accept cheque, money order, major credit cards and Bpay. Details as per your renewal notice or subscription form in the magazine. For new subscribers we accept cheque, money order, and all major credit cards.

How can I change my address?

You can change our record of your address by logging in and selecting "My Details", or by calling Customer Support on 1800 807 760 (Australian callers) or +612 9281 2333 (International callers) (8:30am - 5:00pm AEST Mon-Fri).

When will I get my free gift?

Your free gift is sent out approximately 2 weeks after payment is processed. Please note it may take longer if out of stock.

If you experience any issues with accessing or using Great Magazines, please contact Great Magazines Support or call us on 1800 807 760 (Australian callers) or +61 2 9281 2333 (International callers) between 8:30am and 5:00pm AEST Monday to Friday.