PANTONE Color Bridge Coated

PANTONE Color Bridge Coated

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The PANTONE PLUS SERIES COLOR BRIDGE Set provides process colour simulations of all solid PANTONE colors – including all 644 exciting new hues – in a convenient side-by-side comparison format, on coated stock.

Contains all 1,737 PANTONE solid colours, on coated stock
Portable fan guide format
Process matches with CMYK screen tint percentages displayed next to each solid colour
sRGB and HTML values for solid colours
Colours bleed for ease and accuracy of checking colours
Text-weight paper stock
PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software for updating PANTONE colours in popular design applications
Colour locator index
Each colour identified with a distinct PANTONE number or name
Icons mark colours that can be satisfactorily reproduced in CMYK and/or RGB
Includes ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation
Includes ColorChecker Primer for colour correcting images

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